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Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

We know you’re busy doing what you do and we’re here to make things simpler and take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on your work.

Don’t we all wish we had enough time to learn everything about marketing, recruiting, retention and getting the word out? But that might take away time from real work and spending time with family.

With our flat rates we offer different ways we can help you grow, because we know your work is important and don’t want anything holding you back.

Flat-Fee Options

Receive a free consultation before deciding on one if you’d like, by emailing


Review text for all promotional material (online ads, flyers, etc.) and website for typos and to enhance language to attract more potential clients.



Design a logo and promotional materials to use in online ads, flyers, etc. and website. One main design formatted in different sizes depending on your needs.



Handle admin and recruitment for one local class or event up to 3 months prior to event. Or promote your book/product for 3 months online. This includes the design and text (if need be) for the promotional material (for online ads, local papers, etc.).



Solve one design issue, a website issue (WordPress only), a video edit, or tech issue.



To add on to the Basic package, this includes a professional website with the fundamentals (email sign-up to capture emails, build free offer with you to capture email sign-ups, create 2 social accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Pinterest—with 25 pieces of content that will attract potential clients, branded design all across, payment and email integration, and a spot in a top online magazine or publication to add credibility/logos to your site). For more questions, email us at



To add on to the Basic and Start-Up package, this also includes SEO integration (a way for google to rank your website high in your field of expertise and/or local area), and 2 more spots in a top online or print publication to add to your credibility.



Like our site? To add on to the Basic and Start-Up and Professional package, this includes a full personalized website with either a blog or a way to schedule clients or provide services through an online video call. No need to pay thousands of dollars for top quality.



Have all the support you need all year with editing your copy/text, desgining promotional material for new products/services/events, social media outreach, promoting your services all year locally and/or online, and with a fully personalized website with tech support if something isn’t working.


For more questions or to purchase a package, email us at

We’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days.