Everything we offer is designed to help you create the happiness and intimacy you want.

You're intelligent and a natural problem solver.

But your romantic relationship is a whole different ball game.

You’re not alone.

You’re ready to take out the rock in your shoe, that’s killing your overall happiness level. We hear ya! You don’t need this. We know you’re smart, brave and more than capable.

What you need is someone to help you get off the “stress” bus.

That's exactly what we do, dear.

Love Savvy Founders

Lucy & Alfred have a magical way of working with people. They’re a dynamic mix of warmth, intelligence, experience, and practice. Their positive outlook and non-judgmental stance make it easefull for couples and groups to learn from them. Both are people you just want to be around. Their professionalism, depth of calm, and insight create an open safe environment for learning, growing, and expanding both in relationship to yourself and your partner. After meeting them, people are often left feeling… “I’ll have what their having.”

Lucy Vail

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT).


The ClubLove Savvy Club Full Membership

Ready to be savvy, not just in your day job, but in your relationship too?

We like the way you think.

This isn’t a membership to become a professional or get your certification in helping couples.

This is all the best research, our best work (yet), and our personal touch all put together in a fun and engaging way. We say fun because it’s no where near as ruthless as people think, it’s more liberating once you know what you don’t know. 

Most couples interested in changing their relationship paradigm, like you, commit to taking action and don’t give up easily. The few who don’t, feel unaccomplished and like their wasting time.

This membership is for those that don’t conform to the norms and follow the sheep. But prefer to learn and avoid being another statistic.

We’ve got you covered in case you feel stuck, have a specific question or just need some support.

Here are some of the programs available inside the membership:

Judy, California

I didn't believe in therapy because of past experiences. But the Lovelands provide an education I don't think anyone should live without. Their coaching is a blessing. Without them holding our hand, we would not have taken any action, maybe some, but not fully.


Sticky Situations Mini HandbookHow to Bring Something Up (to get understanding and cooperation)

How do I tell my partner THAT was a turn off? 

When is it a good time to bring THIS up, and where do I find the words?

I feel rejected every time I bring up something, how can I get my partner to turn down their defensiveness a notch, and turn up their teamwork approach?

These questions are as hot as a chile poblano (one of Mexico’s hottest peppers).

The issue, or discomfort, or dislike, or pain, doesn’t go away. Or, what you want isn’t happening. It can be about the chores, about parenting, spending time with the kids, what goes on in the bedroom, what goes on in public, etc. etc. etc.

We all run into sticky situations with our partner, and deal with a dilemma according to our personality and the experience we’ve had thus far when bringing up an issue (we may bring it up or side-step it by trying to resolve it on our own).

If the approach you’re taking or not taking is not eliciting understanding and cooperation, you may like this convenient and useful mini handbook.

This isn’t a template to use as a “one size fits all”. Yes, there are general guidelines that are proven by research to get the response you want, and we cover those framworks, but what’s more important is that it works specifically for you. Look at it like a handbook slash workbook.

Don’t worry no homework, just personalizing it to your personality, your needs, your level of comfort and your specific situation.

We’ve gathered module 3 of Win Every Fight, fully expanded The Foreplay Cheat Sheet, and have included a ton of examples of different situations (from parenting, in the bedroom, chores, career, loneliness, money…you get the picture).

These seperate pieces have helped hundreds of couples we’ve worked with, from many backgrounds, stages and ages. Once they knew which nail to hammer, they took off running. As each aggravating issue was resolved, communication with their partner became so much easier.


Lucinda and Alfred are that rare talent who have extensive professional knowledge in their field yet simultaneously know how to speak to a large range of audiences. This allows them to connect with so many different types of people, offering them the reliable, informed perspectives they could greatly benefit from in a manner that is comfortable for all involved. I’m proud to call myself a fan of their work and they should be even prouder for the help they’ve offered to so many.

David Lacy

College Professor, Founder of iPinion, Co-Author of Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue


Win Every FightFight like adults

We have one program available to purchase outside the membership.

This program allows conflict to empower you as a couple, instead of break you apart.

Whether you fear to make things worse by bringing up an issue, or you wish your partner would address issues with you, you’ll be able to find solutions that won’t sabotage your relationship, trap you inside the game of manipulation and blame, or cause more distance.

In fact, winning a fight, will not only improve your physical health (Module 2) but your intimacy as well (Module 1).

So what about those same issues that come up over and over again? In Module 3, we cover how to solve an issue step by step and put a cork in issues that come up over and over again and we can’t seem to get a handle on.

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Jared, Washington

I'm happier today than I ever was! I'm usually very skeptical about these things, but I'm glad I gave it a try. Alfred & Lucy are a model of long-lasting romantic love. They provide so much compassion in their work, and I learned by their example when I would call Alfred. I noticed he was listening to me the way I should be listening to my wife.

CoachingA private one-on-one session

Look, we’re not looking for commitment.

We know you’re busy, and all this can seem a bit overwhelming. When we started to look for answers for our own relationship, the resources available online were a mere seed. Now you can find relationship advice with any google search. Of course, the information you find may not be right for you.

So we offer a one-on-one sessions to get specific on your needs in the relationship and discuss issues in a safe environment.

You will have the choice to go with Alfred, if you feel more comfortable having a session with a gent, or with Lucinda, if you feel more comfortable having a call with a lady. If you don’t have a preference, don’t worry about it, we’ll be there.

Besides your session(s), you’ll have free email support directly from us (specifically from the one who coaches you). Any questions you have, we’ll answer within 24 business hours.

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