Everything we offer is designed to help you create the happiness and intimacy you want.

The science without the jargon.

We bring together psychology, neuroscience, social history, and evolutionary science. With real-life and intimate examples.



Communicate without losing your integrity. Feel heard and validated without having to be too vulnerable.
In this free challenge you'll learn how to voice your needs, the conversations that create intimacy, how to deal with annoying habits, and much more.
The Challenge is absolutely Free for now, but may get a price tag.

Lucy & Alfred have a magical way of working with people. They're a dynamic mix of warmth, intelligence, experience, and practice. Their positive outlook and non-judgmental stance make it easefull for couples and groups to learn from them. Both are people you just want to be around. Their professionalism, depth of calm, and insight create an open safe environment for learning, growing, and expanding both in relationship to yourself and your partner. After meeting them, people are often left feeling ...``I'll have what their having.``

Lucy Vail Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)
LV Prof Lightsmall

An ongoing live program



Have the loyal, loving, happy, fun relationship you want—the easy way.
Relationships are what make life RICH! And it doesn't have to be a mega sacrifice!
R.I.C.H. is the most convenient and effective ongoing program for couples wanting to know the psychology of how to keep their partner loyal, resolving that one pestering issue that doesn’t go away, or just want to divorce-proof their marriage. Doesn't matter if you're married, living together, are in a same-sex relationship, a stepfamily, or been together for 20 years—if you're in love and believe you deserve to be happy, you're in the right place.

I was reluctant to take any online program, especially about how to improve my relationship. I expected `{`RICH`}` to be ruthless, brutal, or grinding. But it was liberating to see we all go through relatively the same problems (e.g. house chores, parenting struggles, financial burdens, forgetting anniversaries/birthdays, types of fighting). Instead of feeling defeated or incompetent as a partner, I felt valued and irreplaceable.

Jared, Washington



This program allows conflict to empower you as a couple, instead of break you apart.
Whether you fear to make things worse by bringing up an issue, or you wish your partner would address issues with you, you’ll be able to find solutions that won’t sabotage your relationship, trap you inside the game of manipulation and blame, or cause more distance.

In fact, winning a fight, will not only improve your physical health (Module 2) but your intimacy as well (Module 1).

So what about those same issues that come up over and over again? In Module 3, we cover how to solve an issue step by step and put a cork in issues that come up over and over again and we can’t seem to get a handle on.

A video-based course

Lucinda and Alfred are that rare talent who have extensive professional knowledge in their field yet simultaneously know how to speak to a large range of audiences. This allows them to connect with so many different types of people, offering them the reliable, informed perspectives they could greatly benefit from in a manner that is comfortable for all involved. I’m proud to call myself a fan of their work and they should be even prouder for the help they’ve offered to so many.

David Lacy College Professor, Founder of iPinion, Co-Author of Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue

Private coaching



Look, we’re not looking for commitment. Our coaching is to give you the tools to help you take off without depending on a third person.
This coaching is to hone in on your specific needs. It's personalized, powerful and cuts the learning curve in half. We focus on what it is that you could benefit from right now and give you that shortcut without wasted effort or endless searching.