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What’s the use in arguing if our personal needs don’t get met? Why bring up an issue and risk getting into a spat? How come the problem doesn’t feel resolved when we make up? How can we get our partner to want to address issues so we don’t feel so isolated?

Win Every Fight helped me in beginning a dialogue on a challenging topic. I tend to not want to bring things up, but I learned that choosing to engage rather than avoid conflict can not only be helpful, but necessary to not grow apart. I got the immediate results I was looking for.

Testimonial Ava

I didn't think it was possible to diffuse tension while making valid points. Win Every Fight is for anyone curious or is dealing with an issue where you completely disagree with your partner and want to have full and complete respect for each other. It's possible!

Testimonial Derek

Not only were our unresolved conflicts getting in our way, we were missing out on knowing each other at a deeper level, emotionally. We were missing out on intimacy. I had feared opening a can of worms. I had no idea conflict could be resolved in such a satisfying way.

Testimonial Jen


Module 1: The Cleverness of Conflict

Video 1: How Conflict Creates Intimacy & Happiness

Video 2: What Sabotages Any Relationship

Video 3: How To Avoid The Manipulation Trap


Intimacy Exercise

Different Types of Manipulation

Module 2: Preventing Wrong Turns

Video 1: When To Hash Things Out Or Let Things Cool Off

Video 2: How To Deflect Relationship Stress

Video 3: Why Conflict Feels Unresolved (and what to do about it)


Triggers Exercise

Module 3: Making Peace With Conflict

Video 1: How You Should Feel After A Healthy Fight

Video 2: How To Solve Any Issue Step by Step

Video 3: Putting A Cork In Issues That Keep Coming Up


Road Map Exercise

``Unsolvable`` Exercise

``Seeing The Core`` Exercise



We want your learning experience to be personal, pleasant and as easy as possible.  

Learn with short videos

Each video is an average of 5 minutes, so you don’t need to spend a ton of time trying to digest a full hour. Our approach is for you to listen to all you need to hear, no more, and have the time and energy to apply it.

Multimedia Learning

Ready to learn in a way that you prefer? We’ve used a multimedia approach to suit your style of learning. You’ll be able watch the video for each module, listen to the audio, read the transcript, and/or download your worksheets. You can access it all through your computer, mobile or tablet.

Check Off Your Progress

Want to feel like you’ve accomplished something? Small steps are key, and knowing it’s done feels motivating. As you progress and look back, you’ll know what you’ve finished and how much is left to do.

Join Alone Or With Your Partner

You can take the program alone or with your partner. As humans we influence each other, and the dynamics of the relationship will inevitably change when one person changes.

Science without the jargon

We only use reliable and cutting-edge research but don't overwhelm you with the statistics and theories. We provide all the references if you want to learn more.

Stay Anonymous

We respect and protect your privacy and your anoniminity. All worksheets are downloadable and are not recorded. Conversations are private and are not viewed by other members.

Principals You Can Apply Now

You’ll get to dive right in with effective principals you can apply immediately. If you're stuck on something, you can leave your private questions in each module.


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  • Module 1: Cleverness of Conflict
  • Module 2: Preventing Wrong Turns
  • Module 3: Making Peace With Conflict

For each module there are exercises you can download as a pdf and you have the choice to watch the video, download the audio and/or read the transcript.

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