The Backlash of Living in The Now, With Scientific Proof

It is not good or healthy to always live in the now. Why?

Well, how can you completely live in the now when there is also the future to think about? As a parent, a student, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a CEO, etc.

I know, we usually hear a lot about Living in the Moment, because we commonly plan for the future and think of how we can learn from our past mistakes, and also because we are too often distracted from what is happening at this moment.

BUT there are those who overdo living in the present.

Meaning, they are living in “instant gratification.”

What if I offered you a marshmallow, but I said, if you wait 10 minutes, you can have 2 marshmallows instead of 1. Would you wait? Or would you eat it?

There is this adorable study with children being asked this very question to delay gratification. Apparently, it’s very hard to do.

So, what happens when we delay or hold off on something?

We may get a better a reward. We may get a goal we’ve been longing for.  If not, we may lose opportunities, growth, actualization, or even comfort.

Studies have found homeless individuals to be completely living in the moment.


It turns out that those that are extremely presently-focused are less capable of delaying gratification and are more likely to engage in a host of risky behaviors.

Now, it’s healthy to be both in the present and to aim for a higher purpose, towards a meaningful goal. Not either/or.

Now, let your friends know that it’s not always good to live in the now. Ease them by letting them know it’s okay to be concerned about the future as well as embracing their present moment.

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