When to sweep things under the rug

Humor me by pretending we all solve our problems in the most respectful and appropriate manner. Yes, that means we’re pretending we would never roll our eyes, blame, manipulate, yell, ignore, overreact, or sweep things under the rug.

We’re like the perfect couple you run into at church or at your child’s school, that never argue and are always so nice to each other (puke!). If an issue comes up for them, both of them say sorry, how cute—not, and make up.

Wait? You relate to this couple? Are ya sure you’re human?

Oh good, you are. We’re just pretending we’re like this couple. Good. We’re on the same page.


So let’s pretend we do all the following, which is the opposite of sweeping things under the rug:

1. We take responsibility for our part.

If you’ve had a disagreement with your partner it doesn’t take long for you to see how you’ve contributed to the problem. Even if it’s a little, you feel that it’s fair to mention it to your partner.

2. We don’t wait too long after an issue occurs to talk about it.

As in, you don’t let each other think negatively too long, or allow too much distance. Apparently, research says unhappy couples wait too long to solve issues—hours, days, months, even years—and happy couples deal with issues straight away, if not immediately (tweet it!).

3. We are an open book.

Basically, you feel comfortable enough to share what you’re really feeling (be vulnerable) with your partner because you know they won’t judge you, criticize you, or use it against you later


Well, aren’t you two just meant for each other.

So let’s continue on the track of a happy couple, because let’s face it we are all so darn happy we can’t even think of anything our partner has done recently that is annoying….Not one…okay maybe one….okay maybe four.

As I was saying. We’re a happy couple.

A happy couple shoves things under the rug at these opportune times…

Hold on. Scanning google to find you the right answer. I mean, research articles.

Wait a minute. Hold on. Almost done.

Okay. The best time to shove things under the rug is really, most absolutely, never.


And we’re totally cool with that because you and I have been doing the 3 things above in our relationship the entire time it has been in existence.

Phew! Glad we’re confirming what we already do.

For a minute there I was getting worried that I would have to…you know…try and do that stuff.



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