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Do I Expect Too Much From My Partner?

At some point in our relationship we ask ourselves: Do I expect too much from my partner? We all wish to have a manual clearly saying what is asking for too much and what is reasonable. There are things you should and shouldn’t expect from your partner. And it’s vital to know the difference; because it can really raise the bar in your relationship and happiness, or deplete whatever love or joy is left.   First, answer this: are the following myths or truths? —You shouldn’t expect your partner to be your friend. —You shouldn’t expect passion in your relationship if you have a friendship. —Your relationship/marriage is not a place to self-actualize or become the person you want to be. You may have read some articles, especially recently, saying one of these or some sort of combination of these statements. The message is that “enough is never enough,” and perfection is not attainable. Which sounds true, right? And it’s a reasonable message that makes sense. But these specific examples are…myths. Of course, we can’t expect our partner to be everything. Yet we still can’t ignore that there are some expectations we should have for a fulfilling relationship, and it’s......

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Are you too passive?

How do you know if you’re too passive? Whether you avoid rocking the boat or are tired of bringing up an issue because of a stubborn partner, it’s fair that there are issues you try to roll off your shoulders—in hopes they will go away on their own or time will resolve them. But if you aren’t passive, what’s the alternative? Passive aggressiveness? Nagging? Vicious arguments? How can you tactfully stand up for yourself, get your needs met, be assertive, and still be respectful? In today’s video I share what it takes. It sounds straightforward, because it is—you don’t need extra bells and whistles to say what you need. But you may be asking yourself: why does it matter? “Why should I care to be less passive?” The most obvious reasons are: • You’re partner doesn’t have a clue of what’s bothering you, therefore will most likely do it again • You’re not being totally honest The least obvious reason is: • You’ll end up way more satisfied! I know this sounds like magical thinking, as if it’s something that happens at a push-of-a-button. And yes, you may not be able to get your needs met as quick as......

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What You're Really Saying When Upset

Has your partner been good at guessing what you’re really saying when upset, even though you may be saying or implying something different—or not as specific?     It’s true. We all hear ourselves saying something fair and reasonable, when we could be saying it better. And our partner could just be hearing an attack in a foreign language, that will trigger them to be defensive. Who in the world wants to be corrected? A simple outburst, puts us on the defense. This is our moment to stand up for ourselves, making up for all those times we didn’t. Then again, there are those times that an issue goes ignored, and an outburst, or cry for help in colorful language gets your partner’s attention and they respond, “I didn’t realize it was such a big issue for you. Now that I know, I want to do something about it.” Surprisingly, all the nice ways it was said before didn’t register in their mind. Of course, these moments are rare. That is why, actually saying what you mean to say, will bring so much more connection to your relationship. In another video, we explain what the hit TV show, Friends,......

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2 Ways To Release Or Avoid Pent Up Anger

Don’t worry. These are ridiculously simple ways to release anger. This video explains the consequences of when we stuff our anger and when we release it destructively. Which most of us know how to do well. It’s uncommon to know how to release anger without attacking or belittling others, especially our partner. Then we feel guilty or worse after. And there’s no reason for that. At least rarely. Watch the video if you also want to know how you can create the next Lamborghini, see if Anger Rooms are right for you, know if Yoga or taking a walk is even helpful when steamed, or if the “avengement” you’ve been plotting is in fact Jedi-style heroism. (If you haven’t seen Star Wars—I actually have met people that haven’t—the “dark side” is after revenge, and the jedis are heros after justice (fighting the dark side). As if you didn’t know.) Why Releasing Anger Healthily is Awesome Because you can be a hero, have self-control, gain respect, get your needs met, end confict on good terms, and still have healthy arteries. See how.     You’ve got what it takes to apply these 2 ways to release anger. And don’t worry about......

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The Ideal Partner
Connection, Intimacy, Love |
September 08, 2017

The Ideal Partner

How do you know when someone is perfect for you? What does the ideal partner look like, sound like, act like, behave like? What makes them so irresistible you could cat-fight over them? Or gives you the will to sneekingly stage an elopment until it’s too late for them to realize they’re now trapped? So many endless qualities are blogged to identify your perfect mate, that only makes the search more dizzying. This video isn’t your typical list to check-off. As if you’re a private investigator trying to criminalize an innocent human being. It’s simpler than most people realize. It doesn’t haven’t to be overcomplicated. Knowing if someone is right for you, shouldn’t be hard. Finding them … is a different story. Who knows, you might find out your current partner might have what it takes to be ideal.     Besides feeling emotionally connected to your partner, you want to know they’ll be there for you when you need them and also know that they won’t let you down. That’s why it’s not surprising when people fall out of love, when they’ve been let down too frequently. This message is in a nutshell, but feel free to contact us......

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