Have the loyal, loving, happy, fun relationship you want.

Relationships are what make your life RICH.

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?


The Rewards of becoming R.I.C.H.

Connection & Transparency

Connect with your partner, feel safe in your relationship to be vulnerable and have the freedom to be yourself.


Reduce your fears or doubts currently in your relationship, and be confident about your relationship.


Feel absolutely accepted, appreciated and valued.

Rich quality of life

Replace wasted time arguing or feeling distant with enjoyable and pleasurable experiences.

Before working with Lucy and Alfred, I was asking myself, ``Can my partner give me what I really need?`` I was very concerned and began to believe that he couldn't. It's been a huge relief to discover how to easily remove the blocks I was ignoring and wasn't aware of. This whole process has been liberating. Lucy & Alfred made it so easy, like slicing a cake smoothly. Neither one of us felt shame or resentment. I'm so grateful to confidently say today my partner is giving me more than I need!

Lisa, California

Who knew my relationship could still be romantic and fun after 10 years together!?Personally, I didn't like wasting hours arguing, especially about the same things over and over again. We weren't ``seriously`` unhappy or cold with each other, but not knowing how to resolve issues or miscommunicating can really add stress. I like the Lovelands approach: fun, based on science, and genuine. I wouldn't trust anyone else to improve my love life!

Mark, Chicago



Instead of telling you to be “happy” and “in love” (or “look like it for Instagram``), we actually show you how to find the happiness you want in your relationship that meets your needs—not your neighbor’s.



Whether you’ve been together a long time, or you're still in the honeymoon stage, everything you learn inside R.I.C.H. will make you all the more wiser and make your life easier. Be prepared to be the go-to person for your friend's relationship dilemmas.


Who cares about abstract science mumbo jumbo, when we all learn from real-life examples. You’ll learn facts, but as it applies to you and in a way that will meet your needs today—not after spending hours looking up words in a dictionary.



Don’t you hate those self-help books that say don't touch the pizza if you want to be attractive, or never let them see you without makeup to keep them interested?!? No research supports that. We got the science to give you the tips that will actually help you! Including psychology, neuroscience, social history and evolutionary science.

I want to fully enjoy the family I have been yearning for all my life, and to take active notice of the many good things that my husband does. Our home should be a place of safety and comfort for all of us.

Jancee Dunn Author of How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids


 Romance, Intimacy, Connection & Happiness (RICH) is ongoing, because life is ongoing!

Monthly Live Lessons & Resources

Why watch something pre-recorded when you can get the answers to your most current questions? Each month we'll cover a different topic (communication, trust, intimacy, pestering issues, etc.) and answer as many questions as possible in the first 20 minutes. A recording will be available if you can't make it live. You'll also receive a monthly R.I.C.H. calendar with the scheduled live courses, weekly support check-ins, and resources that include books, blogs, etc on that topic for the month.

Weekly Support & Reminders

Every week we'll check in with you (via email) to see how you're doing and help you apply what you've learned from the live monthly lesson. You'll also get an automated reminder on key points from the course to help you stay on track throughout the month. These reminders are to ``catch you in the moment`` (they seem to come right when we need them), so you won't see this in your R.I.C.H. monthly calendar.


A R.I.C.H relationship includes honesty, trust, loyalty, growth, and above all intimacy. Each month we’ll have a group call with the topic of the month. The first 20 minutes will be allotted to answer questions submitted before the call. Then 30 minutes of lesson (TED talk for your love life). The last 10 minutes are to answer any questions that came up during the lesson.

We meet each month, except August and December, making that 10 topics a year. Specifically:


You may feel more attracted to each other, become soulmates, and be the envy of your friends.


Lucinda is an award-winning Family & Lifestyle writer, currently writing for Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s newest website.

Alfred Loveland is a professional psychologist, with a “knack” for leading support groups. He holds an MSc in Psychology, Research Methods, from the University of Surrey, UK.

Both are bilingual Relationship Educators with social psychology degrees from University of California, Irvine and certified in various MRE (Marriage and Relationship Education) curricula (Mastering The Mysteries of Love, World Class Marriage, Raising Kids Twogether, etc.).

Now married for 13 years and parents for 12 years, they’ve founded Love Savvy Club to bring resources and support to help couples feel more attracted to each other and intimate.


We want you to be fully satisfied and go beyond your expectations. We also want you to be invested and put your best effort to get the happiness you want.

We're happy to give you a full refund within 30 days after you send us all your completed work. Although we give you live lessons, you'll receive handouts for the calls to fill out.

If you send your completed work after the 30 days, no refund will be issued.

We believe that you can get what you want with the right strategies and real effort, that is why we ask you to complete some handouts, but if this truly doesn't work after you've given all your effort and good intention, we're happy to refund you.


Cheaper than a gym membership, but instead keeps your relationship strong, if not stronger than your muscle-bulging personal trainer.

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Lucy & Alfred are so relatable and down to earth. They're very warm and easy to open up to. I don't like to be talked down to and I hate the idea of a shrink analyzing me. I tense up facing my mistakes, but with them I felt at ease and relaxed. It's freeing!

Trevor, Maryland

Although we don't learn about parenting directly, I found this to also help me in the way I talk to my kids and bond with them. They seem to even go a whole weekend without bickering. We're now modeling as a couple how to talk to each other with respect and connect with each other. I was afraid it would be too late, but I'm so grateful I dived in with Mr and Mrs Loveland.

Nicole, New York


Here’s our frequently asked questions, if you don’t find the answer to your questions, email us at info@lovesavvyclub.com.

Do you offer private coaching?

We do offer private coaching separately, but from time to time we will offer a VIP package with R.I.C.H. to make private coaching more affordable. Sign-up to our newsletter and get the invitation when it comes out.

Will I know ahead what topic will be taught?

Each month is a different topic, and you will receive a calendar with the scheduled lesson. We won't mention which topic will be taught, as some people pick and choose which to attend and end up missing key points. Although the topics are independent from each other, they still intertwine.

What if I can't make the scheduled live call?

We undestand that the live lessons won't always work with everyone's schedule, so we will record them and you'll be able to listen/watch 24 hours later after the live lesson.

Are there any handouts for the lessons?

Yes, we will have the handout ready one hour before the call. We suggest using this handout during the live lesson.

How can I listen/watch the live lesson?

All lessons will be given in webinar format inside the membership. Depending on the lesson, you'll either see either Lucinda or Alfred speaking, or ppt slides. You'll just need a computer.

How can I submit a question?

We've carved out time to answer questions ``off-topic`` because life happens, and sometimes we have an urging question that can't wait next month. You can submit your questions directly in the membership, or in reply to your weekly check-in, or for the live lesson. You'll have plenty of opportunities to send your questions.

What if my partner and I already have an awesome relationship but we just want to maintain it?

You're in the right place, dahling! R.I.C.H. is for those that want to attain intimacy and want to maintain it. When you're current tools don't work anymore we give you some new ones to make sure you both stay connected no matter what you go through.

Can we have lifetime access to this program?

This program is currently an annual membership, because it's not a self-study program. We're very much involved with weekly check-ins and live lessons. We may offer in the future a self-study program with an option of one-on-one support, but we know this approach is much more valuable and effective.

Is there a deadline to enroll?

Great news! You can enroll any time, day or night. When the timing is right for you!

How do I know if this is the right program for me? Can't I just read all this stuff in a book? What makes your program different?

A book is essentially one-sided communication. No one is listening to you. And there is no other program that offers as many real and intimate examples, reliable resources, and individual support. Here's what some of our clients have told us:

I spent so much money on another program, an in-person event, that promised improving our intimate relationships for business people, but I got nothing out of it. Just one lesson of R.I.C.H. alone gave me more value than that whole event.

Anne, California

There are so many people promising to help with your love life, but when I took coaching and another program from other ``experts`` they really just had opinions from their own life. I couldn't relate to them at all. I like R.I.C.H. because it's based on science, and I was done with people giving their ``intuition.``

Rebecca, New Jersey


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