Resolutions: 2 steps to complete with less stress

Resolutions: 2 steps to complete with less stress

Welcome to 2017 darling. Hope you’ve concluded last year’s chapter and holiday season with a celebratory embrace. I kept busy with family in town and caught a cold at the end of it. It doesn’t feel good to vacation with a fever and an achy body. I enjoyed what I could at the end, but I mostly cared about sleep. Now the house is empty and I feel better—I was afraid of that.

Alfred and I are rolling out a new program FREE, but before I give you the details we want to share the only new year’s resolution you’ll need this year. Because here’s the truth…

Ambitious people can take on too much and then feel like their goals weren’t reached.

It’s easy to spread ourselves thin when we have lots of hopes and dreams and goals we want to accomplish. And let’s face it…

40% of resolution makers don’t follow through with their goals after 6 months. 

Whether your resolutions include going back to the gym, making your hobby your career, improve a relationship, learn a new language, travel…. it usually takes a lot of discipline.

But discipline is boring.

Can talent or hope alone produce enough luck for success? Not even you can swallow that lie. Talent alone isn’t enough. Wanting a better relationship isn’t enough.

—Celine Dion described with Larry King her current voice coach lessons as “very boring.”

—Elizabeth Gilbert said she is not the most talented writer, but she is the best at persevering.

—Will Smith said he’d rather die on the treadmill than get off before someone else.

What do they have in common?

1. Grit is your ally

Perseverance will get you through the inevtiable disappointment you will face. If you quit too soon, you’ll never know how far you could’ve made it.

2. Monotonous increments are your oxygen

Long-lasting results don’t show up in an instance. A sign or one-time luck doesn’t gaurantee success.

Small monotonous increments are more powerful and stable than a quick fix. 

Right now I’m using the invisalign braces, that are transparent and allow me to talk and smile without you noticing they are on. I’ve got 30 or so weeks with these bad boys and the end result will be very different from the day before I put them on, through constant incremental changes.

Weight loss is better kept off when done consistently and the changes happen incrementally.

My son’s height grows every day, although for me I do not notice it. Family that just visited over the holidays couldn’t help comment on his growth spurt. It’s obvious to them, because they haven’t been a part of the everyday incremental changes.

Because results aren’t obvious, people think progress isn’t happening.

But it is.

What are you hoping will be accomplished by the end of the year?

Break that goal up into 12 months or 52 weeks, and work in small pushes with good old fashioned perseverence. 

We’re accustomed to riding on the wave of instant gratification, which means seeing results almost instantly.

(Watch my video on why living in the now is overrated)

If we stay on that wave, when we don’t see instant results, the wave crashes after just a few days or months.

Boring, monotonous increments are hard to stick with, because it’s BORING! Hold on to your grit to get through it if you want any change.

Now if you’re interested in changing the way you and your partner communicate, or fixing the few quirks to avoid last’s Sunday’s disagreement, we’ve created a video-based 11-Day Communication Challenge, where you only do a little bit each day.

For those of you who already went through the challenge last year, will find new things and instead of text/email, it’s a 5-minute video each day. We keep it at around 5 minutes—no need to drag on what can be said succintly.

After implementing tons of good feedback of what to keep, add, or delete, we’ve revamped the Communication Challenge with short videos and we’re keeping it FREE for 2017. 

Click here to get access or learn more about the challenge.

Login here if you already have a username and password.

Now enjoy the first days of 2017, and get started on your goal with GRIT and planned INCREMENTS. I believe in you.