2 Ways To Release Or Avoid Pent Up Anger

2 Ways To Release Or Avoid Pent Up Anger

Don’t worry. These are ridiculously simple ways to release anger.

This video explains the consequences of when we stuff our anger and when we release it destructively. Which most of us know how to do well.

It’s uncommon to know how to release anger without attacking or belittling others, especially our partner.

Then we feel guilty or worse after. And there’s no reason for that. At least rarely.

Watch the video if you also want to know how you can create the next Lamborghini, see if Anger Rooms are right for you, know if Yoga or taking a walk is even helpful when steamed, or if the “avengement” you’ve been plotting is in fact Jedi-style heroism.

(If you haven’t seen Star Wars—I actually have met people that haven’t—the “dark side” is after revenge, and the jedis are heros after justice (fighting the dark side). As if you didn’t know.)

Why Releasing Anger Healthily is Awesome

Because you can be a hero, have self-control, gain respect, get your needs met, end confict on good terms, and still have healthy arteries.

See how.



You’ve got what it takes to apply these 2 ways to release anger.

And don’t worry about doing it right every time you get angry, feel upset or frustrated. Even the most composed, calm individuals have their days of losing it. And most of the time it’s due to lack of sleep, or hunger.

What matters is to take control of your anger *MOST* of the time.

We all experience anger. It just may be for different reasons. And hopefully we can respect that and not judge each other for it.