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Welcome to the Love Savvy Club!

A resource created to bridge academic research and pop psychology, by making the right information available to the public.

Get started with our FREE 11-Day Communication Challenge.CommChallengenobckgrnd

We all can get fed up with our partner’s lack of communication, or realizing half-way through sharing something important that no one is listening (or responding).

For some of us it doesn’t come easy to share vulnerable feelings, even though we know we should lay out all the cards on the table. Other times we just want to hit the “ignore” button or check out. Either because it’s overwhelming or a dead end.

The Communication Challenge is for those that want to feel heard and validated.

Love Savvy Club also offers services to Relationship Experts for their own marketing needs, from low budget marketing to recruitment and retention.

To get started, anyone can join the club for free and tap into the free goodies inside the member dashboard.

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To get the full benefits, there is a paid membership that provides access to all the programs, 5 free sessions of one-on-one phone coaching, an anniversary gift card, and more.

Besides the online programs, free and paid, you can read up on more juicy information through the blog and/or stories.

Our Spanish section is coming soon, for our Spanish speakers to get started in what Love Savvy Club has to offer.

Have fun looking around and don’t hesitate to join our community of savvy people. We’d love to have you!



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