How To Buy Happiness

How To Buy Happiness

Can you just pay someone to make you happy? Can you buy happiness?

Technically, yes, according to recently released research mentioned in the New York Times, we CAN buy happiness—and reduce stress.

But who do we pay? Can you just pay your partner to be loyal to you?

Wouldn’t that be nice!

In today’s video, I talk about what it is that you’re buying and how this applies to romantic relationships.

(This is a series of videos we’re releasing for the next 2 months every Friday, to see if this is something we want to continue.) 

There’s a good point to make, I wish we all knew sooner than later. Because it’s not about spending extra money, but really redirecting the money you already spend to things that will make you happier.




After seeing what money can and can’t buy you, it may seem like you have little more control over your happiness, which is a good thing.

Although it doesn’t buy you your partner’s trust, or bond, as this study suggests, you can buy the time to build those things.

I talk about this specific “paying a maid” to reduce stress in my article “Is Feminism Bad for Intimacy?” for Thrive Global. Sounds random, I know, but it does make sense if you read the full article.

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