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Submission Guideliness

Word Count

Suggested word count is between 800-1500. Any shorter and Google will have trouble picking it up.


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We will include 1 link. You can choose from your email, website, Twitter, Facebook, book sales page, class announcement page, etc.

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Write as you would write to a dear friend. To soften the language, use ``we`` or ``us`` instead of ``you.``

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You don't have to worry about finding an image, we will take care of that. Before publishing, we'll notify you of any edits and finalize the headline. This is to make it as ``shareable`` as possible. We reserve the right to choose what we use as a final publication.

Topic Choices

This blog is mainly for relationships, but we also cover health and wellness. You can talk about forgiveness, communication, trust, family, dealing with money, etc. As long as you don't head into politics, or other off-topic articles.

Original Work

We want original and personal articles. We'd love to hear your personal stories, it can be part of the article or the entire piece. We can't use anything you've used before on another site, so Google knows it's unique.

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