What can the hit TV show FRIENDS teach us about communication


Not to say Ross’ “we were on a break” line isn’t an ice-breaker giving him that irresistible charm, but the writers behind the show FRIENDS had a secret “competitive” weapon that therapists and real-deal relationship experts use and teach their clients.

As much as we love to argue about another “stupid” issue, there are times when we can save ourselves a headache. Ironically, the hit tv show FRIENDS teaches us the most important thing about communication.

Today’s video is all about how to get our message across without getting louder, using the cold shoulder, mind reading, or giving up.

It’s sort of a “blast from the past” video, before Love Savvy Club, and at the birth of the 11-day Communication Challenge.

Watch it and learn the secrets that make it ridiculously easy to overcome any communication problems.


After watching the video, test the 2 secrets yourself this week, or even for the next month. As you master it, you’ll open up a whole new world (your partner’s world).

If you’re ready to feel completely heard and validated, then you’re up for a FREE challenge: The 11-Day Communication Challenge.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken placen. —George Bernard Shaw

BTW, if you’re a FRIENDS fanatic like me you can watch the entire video of “The One Behind The Scenes” here.