To feel fulfilled is to feel alive.


Ingrained in our human need is to belong, most importantly to be loved. We find that to uncover the truth in the important things in life we need research (gathering data of many people to find what does work and what does not), rather than basing advice on opinion. When we find the answers we feel more in control of our life to feel happy.

You deserve to be happy.

There’s no shame in wanting to be desired, loved, and validated. Who doesn’t want that? Honestly, wouldn’t you rather be adored than ignored?

This Is For You

You may be here, not because you feel rejected by your significant other, (you may very well feel cared for, loved and supported), but are just curious as to how to keep that up.

Or you might want to know the psychology of how to keep your partner loyal, resolving that one pestering issue that doesn’t go away, or just want to divorce-proof your marriage.

This is not for you if you’re looking for an excuse to justify your affair, you have no more feelings for your partner, or haven’t spoken to each other for more than a year.



Build on your strengths

We’re not here to “fix” you, because there’s nothing wrong with you. We’re here to support you in your growth as a human being and as a partner.

You deserve to be happy, loved, and fulfilled. If you see yourself as a person that is always learning and is open for change, you’re in the right place. If you think that life is meant to be lived in the fullest, you’re already a winner in our book.


Create the happiness and intimacy you want

Our free content and paid online programs are designed to help you create the happiness and intimacy you want.

We sell our programs to help you implement and keep most of our content free. Honestly, we want to make a real difference. Life is too short.

We want you to have a relationship where you can be yourself, where you feel accepted, and where you feel loved.


Protect your privacy

Why air out your “dirty laundry” with strangers when you can learn online, in the privacy of your own home?

This is where brave and ambitious individuals learn everything they need to know about intimacy and love, and where they can ask questions privately and/or anonymously.


Provide information based on research

What you learn here, is supported by data and empirical research in the fields of psychology, neurology, history and anthropology. That means, you can trust that we won’t give you one-sided, narrow, person-specific advice. Much of what you’ll learn here has been proven to work with our species to improve our emotional intelligence, happiness, lifestyle and even physical health.


Lucinda and Alfred went to the same nursery, and as luck would have it, they’re napping mattresses happened to be adjacent to one another. It was just coincidence that led Lucinda to reach out with her stubby fingers for the tray of Froot Loops and instead stumbled on Alfred’s sweaty hand. As they both looked into each other’s eyes and pondered who would get the last of the floor-time snack, it was this moment that they realized they would share a lifetime of adventure together… just kidding… not exactly, but close.

Lucinda and Alfred actually met prom night in high school (they happend to each be going with friends), and let’s just say they noticed each other. Small talk turned into an exciting, steamy, and pleasing… dialogue. Funny how the worlds stops and you stay up late talking on the phone about everything and nothing.  

Professional Bio

Lucinda and Alfred Loveland are certified Relationship Educators (like sex ed, but for relationships). They both hold social psychology degrees from University of California, Irvine and have been certified in various MRE (Marriage and Relationship Education) curricula (Mastering The Mysteries of Love, World Class Marriage, Raising Kids Towgether, etc.). They taught several classes, including The Third Option in Orange County, from 2010 to 2014. Together they worked for Healthy Relationships California (HRC) as translators and educators; in addition, Alfred assisted Spanish-speaking instructors in applying the material and Lucinda wrote press releases and blogged, winning her first award as blogger with OC Press Club in 2012.

Alfred holds an MSc in Psychology, Research Methods, from the University of Surrey in the UK and is currently completing his PhD in psychology. Lucinda catches up on relationship science for fun—both are research junkies.

Why We Started Love Savvy Club

We’ve taught many classes alongside therapists, and one therapist in particular (also a friend) shared with us she was to advise her pastor about a young couple showing problems. The pastor mostly wanted to know: should they marry? At first glance this couple’s future didn’t seem promising.

But we told our friend we were once that couple. In despair, we sought help in a lay counselor. We had already been married by court and now had a child, but were planning a church wedding. However, after meeting with the lay counselor, he set a restriction and cancelled the wedding two weeks before the date and no other church would take us. In their perception, we were not fit for marriage and we wouldn’t survive a few years. This was 2006, and it’s been more than a few years.

Our friend was quite surprised to hear our story, as she didn’t suspect it at all, knowing us now. She didn’t know us when things were sour.

We found hope in more reliable sources and then decided to be one. And our friend gave that couple a chance to be together with the church’s support.

Create meaning in your life

There is much more value added to your life by the health of your relationships.

You’ll be long remembered for your compassion, your grit, your integrity, your kindness, and your ability to love.

FAQs About Us

Did you make your last name match your business?

That would’ve been clever. It’s actualy Lucy’s maiden name.

How old were you when you married?

Kindergaten. Just kidding, we were both 20. We’ll be celebrating 13 years this June 2017 (helpful reminder for Alfred).

Do you have children?

We must. Our fridge runs out of food quickly. We have one boy who was born 4 days before our first anniversary. He likes to protect his privacy. Who knows, he may be working for some top secret agency. Then again, he’s just a preteen.

What is your nationality?

Alfred is full Mexican and Lucinda is half Mexican and a minority (half white). We’re both fluent in Spanish.

Will you soon have resources for parents?

Alfred is now specializing in children with disabilities, specifically on the autism spectrum, so who knows in the near future.


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