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Communicate seemlessly and respectfully!

The 11-Day Communication Challenge is designed to tell you everything you need to know about communication and provide you with suggested tasks to apply each day for 11 days. Since communication isn’t only talking and listening, but also connection and intimacy, we put a balanced focus on both.

Solve any issue, even the stubborn ones!

We want you to Win Every Fight. There is no room for losers. This video-based program is designed to put you in control of the outcome of your conflicts. Conflict is a part of life, and we won’t tell you how to avoid it or that you’d be dysfunctional to experience it, because that is not reality.

It was hard for me to talk about things, even though I felt that I was the only one bringing anything up. I had lost the hope of ever being able to communicate openly. The Challenge and Win Every Fight taught me things I had never heard of, and wish were taught in school. Unless we become experts in the field, the average person isn't exposed to this information. Finally, something we can all learn and very affordable.

Julia New York

A Peek Inside The 11-Day Communication Challenge

Listen To Validate

We cover both sides of the fence, listening and speaking. Listen to validate and speak to be heard.

Taking it for Granted

As humans we adapt, it's a natural thing we do—but there is a trick to slow down the adaptation when it comes to our significant other.

How to Voice Your Needs and Get Them Met

Bring up your needs in a way that your partner will understand and want to meet them.

Build Intimacy

There isn't time to have bland communication when we have this lifetime to feel connected.

A Peek Inside Win Every Fight

Avoid the Manipulation Trap

Learn the difference between communication and manipulation.

Hash it out or cool off?

Should you really stay up all night trying to solve an issue so you don't go to bed mad?

The Road Map

Follow a step-by-step road map to solve any issue. Your partner will even be grateful.

Defy Unsolvable Issues

What to do with the conflicts that seem unresolvable—the same ones that come up over and over again.

Feel In Control In Any Future Conflict

The Communication Challenge reduces misunderstandings and Win Every Fight program finds solutions. It's the perfect duo to any match, disagreement, gridlock, or conflict.

Rebecca California

Supported by Empirical Research

We stay away from opinion, and only provide information that has supporting substance. Even with research support, we scrutinize the methods before making any claims.

Communication & Conflict

Communication and Conflict go hand in hand. What we say or how we say things can stir up a storm. Conflict is inescapable in close relationships. Over time, the way in which a couple manages their conflicts will either enhance or wear out affection and regard.

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