Romance without the Cheesiness

  “My partner bugs me to be more romantic, but how can I romance them without the cheesiness that I dislike so much.” To some people this may sound like an oxymoron: “Romance is cheesy,” they’ll say. Since this month, August, is Romance Awareness Month, why not shed light on this deprived ritual between some couples? Let’s start with a video. Take the quick quiz and learn the two options you have to be romantic without the cheesiness. Romance without the Cheesiness Now that you’ve watched it, let’s clarify a couple things. As I said in the video, Romance is a way to display your affection. Some sort of proof that your care and amour is still breathing and living—not dead on arrival.   If you’re the one seeking to romance without being cheesy: Find ways that you can share or show how you feel that you feel comfortable with. Learn what are the things that your partner finds romantic, it may be something super easy, or have a pattern that you can understand and then find something that suits your nature and personality, without sacrificing one of the fundamentals of a relationship, maintaining a high level of positive......

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How To Buy Happiness
Happiness, Health, Reduce Stress |
August 11, 2017

How To Buy Happiness

Can you just pay someone to make you happy? Can you buy happiness? Technically, yes, according to recently released research mentioned in the New York Times, we CAN buy happiness—and...

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