Do I Expect Too Much From My Partner?

At some point in our relationship we ask ourselves: Do I expect too much from my partner? We all wish to have a manual clearly saying what is asking for too much and what is reasonable. There are things you should and shouldn’t expect from your partner. And it’s vital to know the difference; because it can really raise the bar in your relationship and happiness, or deplete whatever love or joy is left.   First, answer this: are the following myths or truths? —You shouldn’t expect your partner to be your friend. —You shouldn’t expect passion in your relationship if you have a friendship. —Your relationship/marriage is not a place to self-actualize or become the person you want to be. You may have read some articles, especially recently, saying one of these or some sort of combination of these statements. The message is that “enough is never enough,” and perfection is not attainable. Which sounds true, right? And it’s a reasonable message that makes sense. But these specific examples are…myths. Of course, we can’t expect our partner to be everything. Yet we still can’t ignore that there are some expectations we should have for a fulfilling relationship, and it’s......

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The Ideal Partner
Connection, Intimacy, Love |
September 08, 2017

The Ideal Partner

How do you know when someone is perfect for you? What does the ideal partner look like, sound like, act like, behave like? What makes them so irresistible you could...

JK Rowling's message on donations
Kids, Love, Myths |
September 01, 2017

JK Rowling’s message on donations

  Many people might think that JK Rowling is satisfied to be an extremely successful author, but it turns out she has a real calling—a mission. JK Rowling has a...

Romance without the Cheesiness
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August 18, 2017

Romance without the Cheesiness

  “My partner bugs me to be more romantic, but how can I romance them without the cheesiness that I dislike so much.” To some people this may sound like...

How To Buy Happiness
Happiness, Health, Reduce Stress |
August 11, 2017

How To Buy Happiness

Can you just pay someone to make you happy? Can you buy happiness? Technically, yes, according to recently released research mentioned in the New York Times, we CAN buy happiness—and...

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