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We’re Lucy & Alfred.

Writers, educators, parents, and relationship science geeks. Together we founded Love Savvy Club to build on your strengths (not “fix” you, because there’s nothing in you that needs fixin’), protect your privacy/anonyminity, and the cherry on top: give you the resources only proven by science (not hearsay).

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Our partner’s lack of communication can feel frustrating and maybe make us think we should give up. It feels like a bad burn when we’re sharing something important and half way through we realize no one is listening (or responding). Maybe it doesn’t come easy to share some vulnerable feelings, even though we know we should lay out all the cards on the table. When it all feels overwhelming or like we’ve hit a dead end, we just want to hit the “ignore” button.

Feel heard & validated

In this free challenge all you need is some motivation, an open mind, and an email address.

For each day of the 11-day challenge you'll receive a task to be one step closer to feel heard, validated and reach the level of communication you deserve.




We dedicate ourselves to make sure you have the intimate and loyal relationship you want. Don’t guess how or wing it. This club offers you a wealth of reliable information (by science) and experience that will top any “latest fad” advice.


David Lacy

University Professor, Founder of iPinion, Co-Author of Shades of Blue: Writers on Depression, Suicide, and Feeling Blue

Lucinda and Alfred are that rare talent who have extensive professional knowledge in their field yet simultaneously know how to speak to a large range of audiences. This allows them to connect with so many different types of people, offering them the reliable, informed perspectives they could greatly benefit from in a manner that is comfortable for all involved. I’m proud to call myself a fan of their work and they should be even prouder for the help they’ve offered to so many.

Lucy Vail

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)

The Lovelands have a magical way of working with people. They’re a dynamic mix of warmth, intelligence, experience, and practice. Their positive outlook and non-judgmental stance make it easefull for couples and groups to learn from them. Both are people you just want to be around. Their professionalism, depth of calm, and insight create an open safe environment for learning, growing, and expanding both in relationship to yourself and your partner. After meeting them, people are often left feeling… “I’ll have what their having.”